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Welcome to Jun Li Research Group at Tsinghua University (欢迎访问李隽教授研究组)

Research Highlights
Rh Nanosheet

Congratulations to Dr. Hu Hanshi for the National 1000-Talent Young Scholar Award



Congratulations to Cong-Qiao Xu, Jia-Qi Wang and Deng-Hui Xing for the Best Poster Award in the International Conference on Theoretical and High Performance Computational Chemistry (2016, Chongqing)

Congratulations to Jun-Bo Lu for the Best Poster Award in the 2nd Conference on Actinide Physics and Chemistry (2016, Chengdu)

Congratulations to Ms. Wan-Lu Li for the Best Poster Award in International Symposium on New Molecules and Clusters (2016, Shanghai)

Congratulations to Dr. Shu-Xian Hu for the Best Poster Award in the 7th National Conference of Physiochemical Inorganic Chemistry

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